CSR Philosophy
'Janambhumi' and 'Karambhumi'

The philosophy of 'Janambhumi' and 'Karambhumi' is at the core of our CSR activities. The Company describes 'Janambhumi' as the place where one is born and 'Karambhumi' as the place where one works hard to establish self-identity. The focus is on giving back to the society - both, the 'Janambhumi' and the 'Karambhumi'.

CSR Approach
With a continuous focus on the welfare of communities through education, health-care and job creation initiatives, we have adopts a three-pronged approach in its extensive CSR work.
  • Educating masses for the overall progress of the community
  • Undertaking activities that are within and beyond the conventional realms of CSR
  • Initiating development programmes that completely transform the community and provide them with opportunities to live a better life

Ballaram Hanumandas Charitable Trust

Our welfare programs for the communities in and around Bahal in Haryana, India are steered under the aegis of Ballaram Hanumandas Charitable Trust. The Trust is headed by Mr. H.K. Chaudhary, Chairman, Vikram Group and has played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of people of Bahal

CSR Initiatives

Environment - A Brighter Tomorrow

A front-runner in the hygiene industry, we strongly believes that respect for the environment and natural resources is intrinsic to a successful business framework. Over the years, the Company has been dedicated towards protecting the environment not only through its solar power solutions, but also through its extensive Eco-friendly initiatives. Spreading environment awareness at grassroots level, the Company has always strived to conserve the environment while inspiring others to do the same for a better tomorrow.

  • Solar Power Kits for School Children
  • Biogas Plant
  • Sewage Treatment Plant & Rain Water Harvesting
  • Urmila Chaudhary Dairy Farm
  • Horticulture Unit
  • Bird Centre

Education - 'Atma Deepo Bhavah'

We strongly believes that only education can bring a change in you and your family's life. Education is the only way to eradicate poverty and respond to social, economic, health-care and environmental challenges. The Company is dedicated towards enlightening the communities it serves by facilitating access to quality education. The state-of-the-art BRCM educational Campus has successfully transformed the Bahal village in Haryana into a 'City of Education' and through many such institutions and initiatives, we have bestowed the gift of education to millions, with special focus on educating the girl child.

  • RDNL Vidyamandir
  • BRCM Public School - 'Gyankunj'
  • 'Nanhe Kadam'
  • BRCM Public School - 'Vidyagram'
  • BRCM College of Engineering & Technology
  • GDC Memorial College
  • 'Agrasain Balika Vidyalaya'

Health - Touching Lives

Nurturing a healthy community has been one of the primary objectives of our company ever since its inception. From building world-class medical infrastructure to creating grass-root level health volunteers, the Company has been continually working towards strengthening the core health system. Concentrating its medical efforts in and around the small town of Bahal in Haryana, India, its health initiatives are widespread.

  • Manav Kalyan Hospital
  • Health Camps

Livelihood Generation - Life of dignity

Vikram Solar has been steadfast in its approach to empower communities and create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods. Offering every individual a chance to earn an honest living and inspiring people to lead a life of dignity and self-sufficiency has been the key role of the Company. Assisting farmers, promoting self help groups, facilitating employability trainings are just some of the many initiatives undertaken by Vikram Solar to make a difference.

  • Upliftment of Farmers
  • Women Empowerment
  • Capacity building among youth

Community Welfare - Towards Progress

Dedicated towards the upliftment of the small town of Bahal in Haryana and its adjoining areas, Vikram Solar undertakes extensive infrastructure development and community welfare initiatives in the region. The idea is to encourage progress of Bahal residents and make the village self-sufficient. In its endeavor to achieve this, Vikram partners with various Government bodies, NGOs and welfare organizations.

  • 'Gramin Vikas Prakosth'
  • Rajiv Gandhi Stadium
  • 'Alakh Gaushala' - Cattle Shed
  • Association with NGOs