Mr. H K Chaudhary
Chairman - Vikram Group

Mr. Hari Krishna Chaudhary is the Chairman and Managing Director of Vikram Group of Industries. Under his able guidance and charismatic leadership, Vikram group has achieved unprecedented success in business and philanthropy. By establishing Vikram Solar Pvt Ltd, Sri H K Chaudhary has ventured into Renewable energy sector to explore and fulfill the growing energy needs of our country.

Mr. Anil Chaudhary
Vice Chairman - Vikram Group

An exemplary leader and visionary at Vikram Group. He is a first class BE Electrical from Bangalore University and an MBA from Jadavpur University. With over 19 years of experience in engineering projects and tea manufacturing, he is currently managing Vikram Group’s textile division in Surat, Gujarat. Anil Chaudhary serves on the Board of many of the Vikram group of companies. He is a member of Technical Education Society of India, Institute of Engineers, Engineering Export Promotion Council and CII-SSI Committee.

Mr. Gyanesh Chaudhary
Managing Director – Vikram Group

He is a dynamic leader and the key driving force of Vikram Solar. A Business Graduate from University of Wales, UK coupled with a Diploma in Marketing & International trade from the Harvard Business School and an executive program in marketing from the University of Boston, his experience and advanced vision provides a strong backbone for Vikram Solar.

Mr. S N Periwal
Managing Director, Pioneer Syntex Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Shrinarayan Periwal is the promoter and Managing Director of Pioneer Syntex Pvt. Ltd. He is an exuberant, diligent and a visionary industrialist with sharp business acumen. With his experience of over 25 years in this field, his knowledge & guidance has been phenomenal in bringing Pioneer Syntex to its growth.

Mr. Govind Periwal
Director, Pioneer Hygiene Products

Mr. Govind Periwal is director at Pioneer Syntex Pvt. Ltd. He is a young and dynamic entrepreneur and an Engineering Graduate (Mechanical) from University of Pune. He is the driving force behind the group’s upcoming diversification in hygiene films project under Pioneer Hygiene Products. Also, he is involved in managing group’s textile division since 2012.