Pioneer Hygiene Products manufactures PE Breathable and Non-Breathable Films. Mechanical, WVTR and other properties are achieved as per customer’s specification (RMS)

  • 13 gsm and upwards Plain PE Films
  • Low WVTR and High WVTR Films
  • Printed PE Film Up to 6 Colors (CMYK or Special Colors)
  • Print Capability: Registered or Random Print
  • Printed PE Film with Wetness Indicator
  • Print Capability: Up to 3 Colors
  • Laminated PE Film : Fully or Partially Laminated with Non-Woven Fabric
  • Plain | 3 Colors | 6 Colors
  • Customized Non-Woven Laminated Composites for Special Applications
  • Customized Non-Woven Laminated Backsheets for Medical Use